Harrison Minchew's Design Philosophy

   During my 27 years of designing nearly 100 golf courses for Arnold Palmer, known worldwide as the ‘King of Golf’, he instilled in me the philosophy “to design courses that are beautiful, exciting to play, and offer a significant challenge for the professional golfer while still being enjoyable for all amateur golfers.”
Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture Philosophy    Over the course of my career I have developed my own philosophy. Having played golf for over 40 years, on hundreds of golf courses, with thousands of people of different backgrounds and nationalities, I have come to believe that a golf course is meant to be exciting and fun to play.

   A golf course need not be difficult but should always be interesting. Every hole should present a beautiful and rewarding challenge for everyone who plays the course. I approach each project with an eye to blend the design of the golf course into the topography of the site, preserving and enhancing the natural environment. I consider this to be a fundamental part of my design philosophy and which makes me uniquely qualified to provide Golf Course Design Services, no matter the region of the world nor the challenges of the site.

Harrison Minchew
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