Golf Course Architecture
Kildare Hotel and Country Club - Straffan, Ireland Our mission is to fulfill your vision.
From the initial site visit to the opening day of your new golf course, we are a dedicated member of your team. You may rest assured that our golf course design will reflect your objectives as well as the best use of the natural site's features.
   The exceptional skills of the team at Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture, as well as our years of experience in planning, engineering, architectural design and construction will be totally dedicated to your project. You will be kept fully informed and consulted throughout the project, receiving detailed plans and specifications, timelines and budget requirements. All design concepts are hand crafted and presented in a state-of-the-art format. During the construction process, our team will be present to oversee every detail of the truly exceptional golf course you envision.
Renovation & Restoration
Working very closely with the leadership of the Club is key to a remodeling project. Determining the remodel plan, estimating construction costs and outlining a strategy for implementation that provides a minimum of disruption to daily activities is essential. Developing such a plan requires the many years of experience offered by the Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture team.
   Should you request it, we are eager to help you present the remodeling plan to your membership, a service we gladly provide. We will be on site, on time and on budget throughout the remodel project.
Adios Golf Club - Coconut Creek, Florida
Land Planning
Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture provides master land planning that creatively melds diverse land uses so that the proposed site is developed to its best and greatest potential. Beginning with extensive site analysis, we prepare schematic land use plans that explore varied combinations of the proposed site's topography, land use and golf course routings.
Tiger Valley Preliminary Landplan    We then work with the client and their consultants to analyze and further develop all viable schemes. From these discussions a master plan will be developed that depicts the layout of residential, golf routing, clubhouse, parks, open space, commercial areas, hotel, pedestrian paths and roadways.
   The master plan will have all aspects cataloged in detail. Whether we plan communities in a traditional or neo-classical style, the ambience will be understated yet elegant, and the sense of place will be exceptional.
Brand Extension
The success of a new golf course development is not only dependent on the quality of the design, operation and maintenance but is also linked to the ability to gain positive recognition during the pre-opening marketing of the golf course. One strategy that Harrison Minchews’ group has used effectively in the past is to align the golf course design with one of the world's most famous TOUR professionals, bringing instant credibility and national media recognition to a new project.
   In addition, the experience of the TOUR Pro and their perspective - gained from competing on the world's best courses - can also add value to both the developer and the golf course architect.
   Harrison Minchew has worked with many of the world’s most renowned TOUR Pro’s and can offer a Developer a choice of player’s to choose from based on their popularity in the specific part of world where the project is being developed.

Adios Golf Club - Coconut Creek, Florida
Golf Course Construction Management
Construction management of a successful golf course project is a discipline that not only ensures that the project is built on time and on budget but also requires creativity in implementing the Golf Course Architect's design. Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture's construction management team has vast experience in project oversight, tracking materials, developing efficient and realistic timelines, but most importantly being creative in naturally melding the architect's design intent into the project site (land). Harrison Minchew Onsite
Environmental Consulting
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort - Carlsbad, California When you begin charting future plans for a new golf course or improvements to your present course, environmental considerations are paramount and numerous:
   How do we get started?
   How do we blend nature and the course to enhance both the environment and the game?

   These fundamental questions, and others like it facing you in the early stages are often challenging, and that's where our many years of experience come in to play. Our genuine respect for the beauty of your project site and respect for the game of golf, makes the difference. Environmental sensitivity today makes every Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture's golf course unique and able to withstand the test of time.
Harrison Minchew Golf Course Architecture
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