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Environmental Consulting

When you begin charting future plans for a new golf course or improvements to your present course, environmental considerations are paramount.

My philosophy toward golf course design and the environment is to always discover design solutions within the confines of the course that enhance, restore and preserve the natural attributes of the site and the geographic area around it. Always design with nature in mind and use the most innovative environmentally responsible design practices. I am committed to promoting course maintenance practices that provide enjoyable and high quality playing surfaces that ensure strong healthy turf by minimizing water use, fertilizer and chemicals.

Designing With Nature in Mind

The golf industry has made tremendous advances in developing methods, practices and products which HMGCA uses in designing golf courses that ensure the environmental sustainability of not only the golf course, but the surrounding area.


The main aspects that we address in our Golf Development Master Plans include:


Our golf courses have a more natural character.

We design fewer acres of high-maintenance turf grass and out-of-play areas are converted to non-irrigated natural habitat.

Water Harvesting

We plan for the storage and reuse of sewage effluent to irrigate the golf course.

Our golf courses collect storm water for irrigation use wherever possible. New technology can enhance the recharging of ground water reserves. Ultimately, less water from other sources is needed and groundwater resources are replenished.


We allow space for native filtering.

The turf grass and open spaces of golf courses are efficient at filtering pollutants in water that runs off highways, rooftops, and developed areas. We allow for the space within the golf course to ensure the water bodies and native areas will filter the water that runs through the course.

Turf Grass Technology

Our plans always include less water.

We suggest the newest grasses suited to a specific site that require the least amount of water and are more drought tolerant. The parks, sports fields and lawns in the surrounding development of the Master Plan can also benefit from our suggestions.

Innovative Technology

We stay on top of economical innovation.

Soil, plant, and weather sensors are available which mean less water is used thanks to these advancements. As a Golf Course Architect we are planning ahead for flexibility in water use. Capturing storm water and planting drought tolerant turf grasses are preparing the courses we design for the future.

Our Promise To You

Clear Communication

You'll be fully informed and consulted throughout the project, receiving detailed plans and specifications, timelines and budget requirements

On-site Team

During the construction process, our team will be present to oversee every detail of the truly exceptional golf course you envision.

State-of-the-Art Plans

All design concepts are hand crafted and presented in a state-of-the-art format.

The Best in the Business

Our years of experience in planning, engineering, architectural design and construction will be totally dedicated to your project.

Do you have some questions?

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    How long does the environmental assessment take?

    30-60 days

    What are typical environmental constraints?

    Wetland and riparian areas, determining unique upland habitat areas are our main constraints.

    What are the steps for a water quality/conservation plan?

    We determine the best water efficient turf grass varieties for the site. We determine best native vegetation to filter water run-off back into the golf course site’s riparian areas.


    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started building your course today.

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