Golf Course Architect Services

Golf Course Transformation + Repurposing

Transform an existing golf course’s land and update your course to fit the current market, parcel land for development or reimagine the space completely.

Many times an existing golf course has enough land area to become a more economically sustainable golf facility and allow for real estate development, provide other recreational uses or provide area for needed regional infrastructure.

The HMGCA Team has proven strategies to profitably enhance and redevelop existing golf facilities, especially older ones that are in need of upgrades and have become less competitive.

We identify parcels within the golf envelope, entitling and developing these parcels of higher value, profits can be realized to upgrade the golf course and club facilities.

A high quality face lift, enhancing its position in the market place and reducing debt a course can become economically viable and very competitive in a demanding market place.

Benefits of Transforming Your Course

Entice a new market

Adjust irrigation issues

Rebuild worn out course features

Modernize facilities

Reduce debt

Increase value


Our Company provides a vast range of services and capabilities, and a high level of competence to individuals and business owners.

Reimagine your course.

Whether you are in the market to develop underutilized portions of the course for real estate, looking to modernize your current facilities to be more competitive, or just refresh your course-we’ve got you covered.

  • Create revenue opportunities with real estate parcels
  • Enhance the course's position in the market and reduce debt
  • Identify conservation easements within a golf course development that can protect land for future generations and take advantage of the economic incentives to do so

Give your course a face lift.

We know golf course features have a life expectancy, and we have creative strategies to refresh your course.
  • Correct maintenance problems
  • Rebuild worn out features
  • Overcome economic problems
  • Make adjustments caused by design issues
  • Improve aesthetics and playability

Breathe new life into a classic course.

Older golf courses that were designed by renowned architects have often been modified over the years without a true understanding of, or a disregard for, the architect’s original design intent. At HMGCA we thoroughly review the course seeking original features we can restore and update. In addition, our knowledge and understanding of renowned golf architect’s design philosophies, and thorough research of original photographs, design drawings, and interviews with golfers that have played the course before changes were made, enable us to update a classic course to its original design intent.
  • Improve value and aesthetics
  • Stay competitive
  • Add,rework golf features to original design intent
  • Correct poor turf conditions
  • Challenge players by adding or removing tees
  • Increase the pace of play (more rounds)

Our Promise To You

Clear Communication

You'll be fully informed and consulted throughout the project, receiving detailed plans and specifications, timelines and budget requirements

On-site Team

During the construction process, our team will be present to oversee every detail of the truly exceptional golf course you envision.

State-of-the-Art Plans

All design concepts are hand crafted and presented in a state-of-the-art format.

The Best in the Business

Our years of experience in planning, engineering, architectural design and construction will be totally dedicated to your project.


Below is an example of our restoration efforts from the 13th hole at the Jacksonville Beach Club Golf Course:

Do you have some questions?

Give me a call.


    How long does the remodel design process take?

    3-6 months

    What is the lifecycle of greens, bunkers, and irrigation?

    The life expectancy of golf course features varies due to maintenance practices, but generally a green will last 15-30 years, tees 15-20 years, bunkers 10 years and irrigation systems 15-30 years.

    How long does the construction process to reopening process take?

    12-18 months.


    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started building your course today.

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