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Brand Extension + Pro Partnerships

The success of a new golf course development is not only dependent on the quality of the design, operation and maintenance but is also linked to the ability to gain positive recognition during the pre-opening marketing of the golf course.

One strategy that HMGCA has used effectively in the past is to align the golf course design with one of the world’s most famous PGA TOUR professionals, bringing instant credibility and national media recognition to a new project.

Another strategy is to market regional golf associations the facility is designed to accommodate to local, state and national tournaments elevating or in the least securing a strong footing with the very regional golf facilities.

How Partnerships Accelerate Your Course Growth

Increase your success when partnered with a pro golfer or celebrity and your experience.

Create Value

A recognized name attached to the facility will give an instant perception of quality and a course design that reflects depth and uniqueness.

Increase Media Attention

Accelerate PR and brand awareness and enable your golf management team to focus on branding and fine-tuning your marketing strategy.

Attract Tournaments

Develop and enhance partnerships with all local, regional and national golf entities to promote the golf facility as an exhilarating, fun and beautiful golf venue that is a must to experience.


Arnold Palmer

King of Golf

Arnold Palmer, the original World Golf Ambassador and his golf architect Ed Seay had the most impact on my career and my design philosophy. They both allowed me to direct and be involved with well over 100 golf course designs.

Arnold and Ed gave me their insight, guided me in developing creative design ideas and exposed me throughout the world to numerous ways of how to build world class golf courses.

Whether the sites was well suited to golf, mountainous or non-descript flat land in which a golf topography had to be totally created, they allowed me to develop the ability to create world class golf courses that are beautiful to experience and exhilarating to play. They stressed that each hole should be memorable, unique and most importantly-fun to play!


Fred Funk

Golf Course Designer

Fred Funk is a veteran of the PGA Tour with 29 professional victories. A lifetime student of golf course architecture while playing hundreds of tournaments rounds, he brought an opportunity to for us to collaborate on the design of RainDance National Golf Club along the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We both fed off our passion for golf design in collaborating on a truly stunning piece land perfectly suited to golf. Our philosophies melded beautifully in that we wanted to design a course truly suited to a fun exhilarating golf experience. His vision reinforced all aspects of my design philosophy I developed over decades of designing course.


Watch the planning process for championship course Raindance National with Harrison and Fred Funk:
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