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Golf Course Master Planning

Our master planning creatively blends land uses in order to utilize the site to the best and greatest potential.

Golf course master plans are vital in planning new courses, refreshing old features, and transforming courses.

Beginning with extensive site analysis, we develop schematic land use plans that explore varied combinations of land uses and golf course routings.
We work with the client and all of their design consultants to analyze and further develop all viable schemes.

The final master plan will depict the layout of residential, golf routing, clubhouse, parks, open space, commercial areas, hotel, pedestrian paths and roadways.

Our master plan will have all aspects cataloged in detail.

Master Planning Process

Market research to ensure feasibility and demand

Site analysis for permits, construction costs, and constraints

Environmental assessment


Preliminary Evaluation + Planning

  • Strategize course style, type and size
  • Site analysis (permits, construction costs, constraints)
  • Environmental assessment (water usage, irrigation)
  • Feature plotting (clubhouse, holes, lakes)
  • Market research to ensure feasibility and demand
  • Review maintenance plan


Consultation +
Site Analysis

  • Budgets, costs, and bidding strategies
  • Fine tune real estate parcels
  • Design bunkers, tees, and features
  • Earthworks, water conservation, and environmental impacts
  • Real estate and amenity cohesion
  • Final construction documents (elevation, scale, grading)


Implementation Plan + Rollout

  • Written description of benefits and reasons for changes
  • Phasing plan with renovation programs ranging up to 10 years
  • Pace of updates are based on budgets, time constraints, and value of improvement
  • We will help present our implementation plan to your club, members, directors, and other key decision makers

Our Promise To You

Clear Communication

You'll be fully informed and consulted throughout the project, receiving detailed plans and specifications, timelines and budget requirements

On-site Team

During the construction process, our team will be present to oversee every detail of the truly exceptional golf course you envision.

State-of-the-Art Plans

All design concepts are hand crafted and presented in a state-of-the-art format.

The Best in the Business

Our years of experience in planning, engineering, architectural design and construction will be totally dedicated to your project.

Do you have some questions?

Give me a call.


    How long does the master plan process take?

    90 days

    Do you check for environmental issues?

    The environmental check is a key aspect of master planning.

    Does the master plan define course routing?

    It defines the acreage of the course, par sequence, hole length, and initial strategy.


    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get started building your course today.

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