Going the Distance

From the tips, new RainDance National course in Windsor likely will be longest course in North America; developer Martin Lind hopes it will become known for reasons that go well beyond that

The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on Fred Funk.

In the midst of an August site visit to RainDance National Golf Club in Windsor, Funk and his fellow designer on the project, Harrison Minchew, were noting that the course in Windsor could stretch out to as long as 8,478 yards.

“Having the shortest hitter on the PGA Tour designing the longest course was a marketing thing. I’m just sayin’,” Funk said with a broad smile. 

It was a good line, certainly worth a laugh. But Funk and everyone else involved with RainDance National are intent on making it a reality — the length thing and whole lot more.

RainDance, a high-end public-accessible, semi-private facility, is taking shape in northern Colorado. A considerable portion of the course had been seeded at the time of the site visit on Aug. 6 that involved the CGA and some members of the media. The hope is that all the playable-turf seeding will be completed in the first week or so of September.

Ultimately, the plan is for the course at RainDance National to open on July 12, 2022.

As for that eye-catching maxed-out yardage figure of 8,478, assuming it comes to fruition, that would make RainDance National arguably, if not practically, the longest golf course in North America. 

Author: Gary Baines